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Koi And Pond Supplies

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“We specialise in providing quality services and products at a reasonable price”


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We have over 20 years combined knowledge of all aspects of koi and pond supplies from creating a healthy pond to supplying equipment and fish.

We Offer

  • Pond Cleaning on a one off or annual basis
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Pond Installations designed, developed and installed in a variety of sizes and materials including windows where required
  • Pond Accessories including Electrical Accessories, Nets and Brushes and water test kits
  • Pond Pumps & Air Pumps from all the leading manufacturers including OASE, Evolution Aqua, Superfish and Pontec
  • Pond Filters from all the leading manufacturers including OASE, Evolution Aqua and Pontec
  • Pond Construction Supplies including Bottom Drains, Pipe Eazy Connectors, Liner and Underlay, Pipe Fittings, Glues and Sealants, Pipes and Valves
  • Pond Treatments including Algae and Blanket Weed Control from Aqua Source, Cloverleaf, Evolution Aqua and NTLabs
  • UV Clarifiers from Evolution Aqua and OASE together with Bulbs & Sleeves
  • Fish Medication
  • Fish disease diagnosis service by our qualified staff to test for water quality and parasites
  • Koi, goldfish and sturgeon supplies including many varieties of fish and food.
  • A full range of aquatic plants are available

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