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GGV Capital, based in Tokyo, Japan, is known as a leading global venture capital company. Founded in 1997, this company manages 6th. 3 billion yen in venture capital funds and invests in startups both inside and out of doors of Asia. The Tokyo-based company possesses a long history of active entrepreneurship and has produced returns for the purpose of investors that far surpass industry requirements. The firm specializes in consumer/new retail and enterprise/cloud technology, and has invested in more than thirty-five companies since its founding.

Founded in 1996, GGV Capital invests in various industries, which include consumer technology, life scientific discipline, and fresh consumer businesses. The Tokyo-based firm focuses on purchases of the digital health and medical technology sectors. Founder and managing spouse Tomohiro Ishikawa business leads the Tokyo office. The company’s investment technique consistently brings top income to buyers. Its site in the world provides it with global package flow info and contacts.

TCV’s emphasis areas involve Internet and information technology. The firm has got invested in above 2, 500 companies in 77 countries, and is the greatest global VC. It also incorporates a deep knowledge of markets. In 2019, five-hundred Startups manufactured 285 purchases, up 31% from the prior year. As a whole, TCV includes supported much more than 280 startup companies and has a portfolio of $34. two billion. Its portfolio includes businesses from different industries, including fintech, health-related, and technology.

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