Pond Maintenance & Cleaning

Pond Cleaning

Sekoia Services offer a complete pond cleaning service for clients (both private and corporate) of small domestic garden ponds to large koi ponds.

Clean and healthy water is a necessity for sustaining koi or ornamental fish. A pond environment requires the correct balance of plants, fish and filtration. If left unmaintained for long periods of time, a pond becomes unpleasant in both appearance and odour. The build-up of waste can cause a variety of problems from water quality/clarity and harmful bacteria, to fish health problems and diseases. Pond cleaning helps keep your pond in a good ecological condition allowing you to take pleasure from it all year long.

We can carry out a full pond clean at any time of the year as and when required.

Sekoia Services take the following steps when cleaning your pond:

  • A partial amount of water is pumped out to make it easier to catch the fish
  • The fish and other inhabitants are transferred to a temporary holding tank (provided by Sekoia Services)
  • Aquatic plants are carefully removed from the pond
  • The remaining pond water is pumped out of the pond usually to a suitable drain
  • Black sludge/silt from the pond is removed and placed onto the garden (an excellent organic fertilizer)
  • The pond sides and base are power washed, and debris removed.
  • Mechanical and Biological filtration media is cleaned
  • Filter/fountain and waterfall pumps are cleaned
  • Fountain/waterfall/feature is cleaned
  • Aquatic plants are divided if necessary, re-potted, dead leaves and stems removed
  • The pond is re-filled with water to a level safe for aquatic plants and fish
  • We utilise a meter to gauge the total gallons of your pond when filling
  • We apply water conditioners based on the full pond volume and safely return your fish and aquatic plants

Once your pond has been cleaned, we can then provide you with an on-going Maintenance Service. Please see our Pond Maintenance Service.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Once we have visited your pond and established the size and cleaning requirements, we will then be able to provide you with a pond cleaning quotation.


Pond Maintenance

Sekoia Services specialise in pond maintenance and we are able to offer this service to clients with any size pond. 

Pond maintenance is essential and should be carried out on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of harmful waste and bacteria in the pond and filtration system. It is very important for the health of the fish and your enjoyment of them that water quality/clarity is maintained to the highest of standards. 

Our complete pond maintenance service is tailored to suit your pond and filtration set up and can be carried out at intervals to suit your requirements. You may choose to use our services on a one-off basis or more regularly as part of a planned pond maintenance programme i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc. 

Sekoia Pond Maintenance Service includes:

  • Visual fish and pond checks
  • Overall equipment checks
  • Netting debris, leaves etc
  • Water plant care – pond plants pruned as necessary and dead foliage removed
  • Mechanical filtration media cleaned
  • Filters flushed (vortex, chamber, sieve, nexus easy, bead filter, etc)
  • Submersible pump and/or pre-filter checked and cleaned
  • Pond base vacuumed to remove sludge, decayed plant material, dirt, fish waste, etc
  • Blanket weed removal and control
  • UV clarifier checked (bulb changed if necessary)
  • Submersible lights checked and cleaned
  • Skimmer checked – debris removed
  • Waterfall/fountain cleaned
  • Partial water changes
  • Water top ups – water conditioners applied
  • Water quality testing Ph, Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia
  • Pest and predator prevention (herons, cats etc)

Our Pond Maintenance Service does NOT include draining and cleaning the pond. Please see our Pond Cleaning Service.

Our approach is designed to suit your budget and we are happy to carry out whichever services you require. Our pond maintenance service is scheduled by appointment.