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Aqua Balance Vitalize

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VITALIZE strengthens the natural immune system of your fish, thus improving resistance against pathogens. 

The combination of natural ingredients in VITALIZE, including Vitamins and Aloe Vera, can help after stressful situations such as transportation,netting, rainfall, pH changes and after adding medication to the pond. 

VITALIZE can also aid recovery from wounds and ulcers. 

VITALIZE will neutralise potassium permanganate, very useful if your fish are in distress during treatment. 

VITALIZE can also be used as a dechlorinator 

Available in
1ltr ( treats 20,000 ltrs) – RRP £24.95
2.5 ltr ( treats 50,000 ltrs) – RRP £44.95 

£24.95£44.95 inc. VAT

£24.95 inc. VAT
£44.95 inc. VAT

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