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Oase Proficlear Guard Automatic Pond Water Levelling

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The Oase Proficlear Guard is an automatic top up system for your pond that automatically tops up the water level when necessary. Detection of the water levels is by a conductive sensor, which records data in the pond through a 20m long sensor cable. The system is connected to the water supply in your garden and fills in the missing required amount of water with the assistance of a solenoid valve.


  • Complete set including 1/2″ servo-controlled solenoid valve.
  • Trouble-free level detection via the conductive sensor (sensor is 12v so can be used safely in swimming ponds).
  • 3 watts power consumption.
  • 2m power cable to connect weatherproof control box to mains supply.
  • 20m cable length to sensor.
  • 3m 240v cable from solenoid valve to the control box.
  • 2 yr guarantee

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