ProfiClear Premium Drum Filter – Gravity Fed

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The Oase Proficlear Premium Drum filters are a modular system working on a three part system. The Drum section is self-cleaning and acts as a mechanical solids removal filter that removes fine particulates as quickly as possible reducing nutrient levels and eliminating the need for regular cleaning in the Biological stages.

Conventional Filtration systems use a combination of static mechanical solids removers such as brushes with static bio media such as foams. While this type of system works it leads to frequent cleaning, has little to no nutrient removal and is limited in its particulate removal (usually around 500 micron).

The Oase Proficlear drum uses 60 micron sieves (finer than a human hair) to filter out fine particulates which are then flushed to waste on a sensor activated basis by an integral rinse pump. This process is completely automatic and requires no intervention by the pond owner.

Gravity Fed filters are set at the same water level as the pond meaning that they are versatile in their location placement and can reduce running costs considerably. Efficiency of circulation is considerably improved over pump fed or pressure systems and are suitable for almost any pond.

The modular design allows for cost effective filtration as the pond owner only needs to purchase the components necessary for their particular installation and the system can be added to at a later date if for example the fish stocks are increased or the Koi grow.

  • Protects huge surface for bacteria (806 m²/m³)
  • Easy Garden Control – EGC: Conveniently control all settings via app, through connection possibilities on the easy garden control (EGC). Upgrading existing systems is possible with the separately available upgrade kit.
  • Integrated waste outlet and drainage
  • Suitable for koi ponds, garden ponds, wildlife ponds, small lakes and hybrid commercial projects
  • Outstanding filter capacity with intelligent control functions
  • Self-cleaning function for low maintenance operation


  • Dimensions: 830 x 600 x 820mm (L x W x H)
  • Net Weight – 76KG
  • Power Cable Length: 5+5 metres
  • Power Consumption: 5w
  • Power Consumption Cleaning: 1050w
  • Control Unit: Microcontroller
  • Display: Digital
  • Number of Nozzles/Cleaning Flow Rate: 4 x 2.5 l/min
  • Automatic Self Cleaning: Manually, Sensor, Time Interval
  • Number of Sieve Elements: 8
  • Filter Intake Surface: 3454cm2
  • Number of Inlets: 4
  • Number of Outlets: 2
  • Flow Rate: 33,000 l/h
  • Flow Rate: 10,000 l/h
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Installation height above water level: 11.5cm
  • Water Level Diff: -20mm


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