Superfish Pond Flow Eco 2000

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Superfish Pond Flow Eco Range

Pond Flow Eco energy saving multi-purpose pond pump, suitable for use as a fountain, waterfall or filter pump. The Superfish Pond Flow Eco includes two different spray heads: a fountain nozzle and a mushroom nozzle which are easily adjustable in height. There is a T piece included so that both a filter or waterfall can be run together with a fountain. When used in this configuration you have limited choice of hose size so please check the chart below.

When using the T piece for both a fountain and a waterfall/filter you will also see a decrease in flow to either fountain or waterfall/filter as the flow is split between the two.

Overload protection
The pump has a thermal overload safety device. In the event of any overheating of the motor, this device automatically switches off the pump. The cooling time is roughly 15 to 20 minutes, then the pump automatically comes on again. If the overload cut-out is tripped, it is essential to identify and deal with the cause of the overheating.


  • Rubber feet suckers for stability
  • T piece flow adjuster included
  • Includes straining sponge filter
  • Cable: 10m of outdoor cable
Model Max Flow  Max Head  Power Hose Outlet Direct from Pump  Hose Outlet From T piece  Dimensions (LxWxH)  1000 1000 lph 1.4m 12w 20/25/32mm 20mm 14cm x 8cm x 8cm 2000 2000 lph 1.9m 25w 20/25/32mm 20mm 17cm x 9cm x 11cm 3000 3000 lph 2.3m 45w 20/25/32mm 20mm 21cm x 9.5cm x 11cm 5000 4900 lph 3.3m 95w 25/32/40mm 20/25mm 23cm x 11cm x 12cm

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